Power 4 Patriots: A Review of the System and How One Can Go Off the Grid

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Power 4 Patriots is a DIY package that promises to teach users everything there is to know about going off the grid and reducing electricity bills to a very comfortable rate. The whole package provides information on how one can use solar, wind, and thermal energy to power one’s home in light of the increasing power rates that companies in the country have been charging year after year.

Power 4 Patriots HomepageI’ve read a lot about Power 4 Patriots before doing this review and frankly, there was a lot of mixed feedback from those who have tried it and those who have not.

I decided to dig deeper into the Power 4 Patriots system and determine whether or not it can really help offset the impact of high electricity rates. After all, who wouldn’t like to go completely or even partially off the grid to save money? Aside from this, I wanted to see for myself how the system really works and if it really delivers the information as promised on their website.

What Power 4 Patriots Has to Offer

The whole P4P DIY system was developed by Frank Bates with some help from Ben Clark. Although they are pretty much unknown for the most part, they have been into alternative power sources for the longest time and do know how frustrating it is to pay month after month for electricity consumption because they are family guys themselves.

The Power 4 Patriots package contains manuals and instructional DVDs that one can follow in order to learn more about wind, solar, and thermal power and eventually get up and build their own energy sources from affordable materials. Perhaps the most widely-used argument that skeptics have to say to this type of program is that you can get the same type of information on the internet for free, so why pay the money to do so?

As an answer, I think that yes, the information is pretty much available just about anywhere on the internet these days. However, the fact that you would have to do tons and tons of research and not to mention hours and hours of reading just to be able to get the information you need is just not worth it. This is what the Power 4 Patriots system offers – a complete and comprehensive guide that carries all the details you would want to know about utilizing alternative energy sources. Let’s face it, a lot of people simply don’t have the time to spend hours online just to be able to find what they need, and if they do find it, it probably wouldn’t contain as much information as you might wish.

What You Get with the Power 4 Patriots SystemWhat the Power 4 Patriots System Contains

The complete Power 4 Patriots system includes 10 instructional videos on solar and wind power, 6 manuals that include how to build your own solar panels, heaters, and wind turbines, and 2 instructional guides that are called the water survival guide and the solar cooker guide. Each manual compliments the instructional videos and discusses what you may have missed in the videos so you can have references to go back to when you start shopping for the materials and building your own panels or turbines.

This is a good deal all in all, considering there are a lot of instructional programs and systems in the market these days that offer much less than what you’ll be getting for its price.

How It Works

Upon receiving the Power 4 Patriots system, users can either go and watch the videos first or read the manuals and save the videos for later. One will also be given a list of possible materials that can be used to build and set up solar panels and wind turbines along with price estimations of each project.

The manuals and videos provide step-by-step instructions on how one can go about building their own “power plant” at home through the use of affordable building materials instead of buying pre-made panels and turbines for thousands of dollars. If you ask me, I had some trouble finding cheap yet quality parts and materials, but the cost was not too bad considering I spent about $250 or so on everything that I needed to build a wind turbine. I also have a friend who is an electrical and wiring contractor, so I can say that I saved time and effort in setting up the system once the turbine was finished. He made sure everything was in place and the wiring and battery bank were all good.

Wind Turbine Made from ABS Plastic BladesMost of the expenses you’ll put into the Power 4 Patriots wind turbine project will go to the generator motor and your battery bank. You will also have to invest in durable plastic pipes and caps if you really want to have a sturdy turbine that can generate enough power even in the harshest conditions. For my part, I chose to use ABS plastic for my materials as these are known to be quite durable and weather-resistant.

How Much Power?

The power you generate actually depends on how much wind you have in your area. I live in a place where there are moderate wind speeds, so I can rely on the turbine to power small household appliances for about 4-6 hours in a day. I have experienced a reduction in my electricity bills since then, but of course, a single turbine is not enough to get me off the grid completely. However, the bottom line here is savings, money that can go towards other household expenses rather than going to electricity bills. This is what I believe that the Power 4 Patriots has been able to achieve with the information provided in their system.

I am currently planning to build two more turbines if my schedule permits so I can generate additional power for my household especially since we use a lot of power-eating electronic items and appliances. I plan to check the other options provided in the P4P systems and whether they work for me or not.

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Chart Showing Blade and Turbine SizesAdvantages and Disadvantages of Power 4 Patriots

Let’s talk about what you can gain from the Power 4 Patriots. For starters, you can have access to comprehensive information that will otherwise take you days and even weeks to compile if you do it on your own online. What I like about the manuals is that they are written in as simple a manner as possible that even those who don’t have an idea of how wind turbines or solar panels work will get to learn while building their own. The videos are professionally made, so no complaints about those either. The fact that you can start generating electricity for your own home in a short span of time is another advantage to the P4P system.

In terms of disadvantages, I really don’t see anything I DON’T like about Power 4 Patriots. All the information is there, and you just have to follow the instructions. Just like with every other informational guide and product being sold in the market these days, it will work for you if you want it to work, but if you expect to go off the grid overnight and produce hundreds and hundreds of kilowatt hours of electricity in a single day then you probably shouldn’t even think of buying the Power 4 Patriots system. In my opinion, the system is a way to help you get started and not a quick-solution as many people see it.

How Much for Power 4 Patriots?

Everything I’ve stated earlier as part of the package only goes for $27. Manuals, videos, and guides and all the information you need. The original cost of the system is over $200, so if you ask me the deal can’t get any sweeter than that. Aside from this, the system also comes with a double guarantee, meaning if it doesn’t work for you then you can as easily ask for a refund and be credited – no questions asked.

Double Money Back Guarantee

Final Thoughts

Based on what I’ve seen, heard, and experienced, Power 4 Patriots does work. However, this doesn’t mean that you can purchase the system and let it build and generate the power for you. As with any endeavor, you need to invest a little money, time, and effort if you really want to make it work and if you want to see results. The product is legitimate, and it’s just a matter of applying what you have learned so you can benefit from it. For a pittance, you can have access to the information you want when you want it, not to mention the opportunity it provides for you to learn how you can do something to reduce electricity consumption. Aside from this, it allows you to reduce your home’s carbon footprints and reduce pollution in general – something that everyone should start doing if they really want to “go green” and help the environment.

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